9.15 AM Piazza della chiesa di San Giacomo
Development: 28,7 Km
Difference: 1850 mt d+
Maximum participants allowed: 450
Maximum quote: 1685 mt. Monte San Primo

28.1 KM – 1850 mt D+

Route description:

The departure takes place on the Bellagio lakefront at 221m asl. Follow the lakefront towards the historic center of Bellagio and take the Serbelloni climb to the upper part of the town, continue along the provincial road for 300m and take the steps leads up to Aureggio, continue going down to Taronico and, at the height of the avenue in front of Villa Giulia, take the stairway that leads to Suira (we are 2.0 km away), we return again on asphalt and, after 500m in the locality of the Perlo mills, go down a stretch and after the bridge after 200m take the mule track on the left (Itinerary n.1) which becomes a dirt road from the Begola locality to Brogno 550mt asl (water supply) and mineral salts).

Start the path n. 39, that going up in the wood, for the most part a chestnut grove that, in 2.5km leads to the belvedere Nuvolone (980 mt slm).)
In this point of the route the splendid sight on the promontory of Bellagio and on the Rhaetian Alps repays from the effort since here accomplished.

Continue for a short distance and then descend to 870 meters, in the short descent there is a technical stretch on limestone rocks, at the end of the stretch continue for 500 meters and you reach Roccolo where there will be a rich refreshment with hot tea, mineral salts, water, fruit, sweets, coca cola.

From this point you always climb through a path in the forest ITINERARY N.39, which becomes a beech forest and, in 3km it leads to the Martina refuge (1200 m asl) REFRESHMENT AND TIME GATE. From here begins the toughest uphill section, which leads to at the top of Monte S.Primo (1680mt. slm), Cima Coppi.
We are about 12 km away.
Descend from the summit for about 80 meters on a gravelly technical trail, but be careful.
A 2 km panoramic up and down climb begins on the ridge on a pasture trail, which will lead to the Spessola alp.

Very scenic stretch where you can see to the north (on your left), the distant Bellagio promontory and the chain of the Rhaetian Alps. In front (east), the northern Grigna in all its charm. To the south, all the Milanese Hintherland.
The ridge course is technically easy and presents no dangers.

From the Alpe di Spessola, past the small lake, go up towards the left up to the Ponciv (REFRESHMENT POINT).

Descending from the path on pasture in the old ski slope of the ridge, at the height of the fork mouth you enter the woods again following the itinerary n.2.

Follow the path to Alpe Vecchia (Alp Vecc ’) to continue to Prà Filippo.
In the locality of Sasso Piatto (Sass Piatt) we are in the valley of the Perlo, crossed the Perlo torrent, climb for 100 meters then following the dirt road for about 300 meters take the cement road on the left that leads back to Paùm.
At the top of this stretch of concrete road, take trail 39 (it is indicated with a little visible sign) and return to Roccolo, where you will go down the same route as the HALF SKYRACE.
The same riders who arrived in Loppia will enter the park of the gardens of Villa Melzi where a beautiful gravel road inside the park will take them back to the Bellagio lakeside.

Refreshment points:

9 refreshment points are present:

  1. Localita’ Brogno( n.2 refreshments – going and way back)
  2. Roccolo(n.2 refreshments – going and way back)
  3. Rifugio Martina
  4. Paùm
  5. Monte San Primo
  6. Ponciv
  7. Prà Filippo

The provincial road will be closed to traffic only to ensure that the departure takes place in line at 9.00 am. The Bellagio associations, including: il gruppo Alpini di Bellagio, Moto club Bellagio, Proloco di Bellagio,
asd canyoning Bellagio, Le Aquile Civenna, Soccorso Alpino, Ambulance volunteers, 1 doctor in the finish area and Bellagio volunteers for a total of around 150 people.

Conditions of participation

All those who have a valid medical sports certificate issued by a sports medicine center can participate, subject to the signing of acknowledgment and acceptance of the regulation with consequent discharge of responsibility by the organizers.