Art. 1. Organization

The competition is organized by the A.S.D. nscBellagioSkyteam, in collaboration with the Alpini association of Bellagio, Pro loco di Bellagio, Le aquile Civenna, US Bellagina and with the contribution of the Municipality of Bellagio.

Art. 2. Race

The Bellagio half skyrace will take place on 24 October 2021, with departure and arrival from the Europa lakefront in Bellagio. The start will take place simultaneously with the BELLAGIOSKYRACE, priority will be given to the top athletes of the Skyrace and then to follow. The race has a development of 14.5 and with a positive difference in height of 950 meters.
Registration for the tender implies acceptance, in all its parts and without reservation, of these regulations. By registering, each competitor undertakes to comply in full with the aforementioned Official Race Regulations, freeing the organizers from any civil or criminal liability for any eventual accident, for damage to persons and / or things deriving from him or caused by himself, which may occur for the entire duration of the event.
The meters above sea level and, in some places, the conditions of the track are demanding: since it is a mountain race, the weather conditions can change suddenly and wind, cold, rain quickly upset the balance and the course of the race. competition.

Art. 3. Changes to the route or cancellation

The organization reserves the right to change the route or the location of the rescue and refreshment posts at any time, without prior notice for the athletes. In the event of adverse weather conditions (cold, rain, high risk of thunderstorms or other) and for safety reasons, the organization reserves the right to:
Postpone or cancel the departure;
Change or reduce the route;
Suspend the race during its course or modify the time barriers.
In case of cancellation of the race see Article 22

Art. 4. Admission conditions

In order to be admitted to the competition, competitors must meet all the following conditions:

  • Be in possession of a valid competitive medical certificate for athletics. The certificate must be delivered in a certified copy together with the registration form.
    By registering, competitors certify that they are in such physical and mental conditions as to be able to face the race and acknowledge that they have documented the risks and difficulties of the route.
  • Being in possession of a green pass or having a negative swab result made no later than 72 hours prior to the starting time of the race.
  • Be a holder of a fisky card (it is possible to subscribe to a fisky day card during registration at a cost of € 5.00)

Art. 5. Registration

Registrations can be made directly through the Endu portal and following the instructions on the website

Art. 6. How to register

Race registrations can be made online on the website at the race registration link. In addition to payments with Paypal we use credit card, direct bank transfer, bank transfer, satispay, sofort …
In case of registrations made in partner shops (Radaelli Sport and 3Passi Morbegno / Patagonia) by filling out the online forms, to formalize the registration it is necessary to deliver a copy of the medical certificate AND GREEN PASS.

Art. 7. Equipment

All athletes are advised to equip themselves with the following material for the test:

  • Kway
  • Water bottle or glass in tow (in the supplies will be the bottles and glasses will be refilled by the staff)

Art. 8. Insurance

The organization will take out civil liability insurance for the entire period of the test. This insurance does not cover any research or transport costs by helicopter or other exceptional means, the costs of which therefore remain the responsibility of the athlete. Participation in the test takes place under the total responsibility of the competitors, who, with their registration, renounce any recourse against the organizers in the event of damage and further consequences that may arise during the race.

Art. 9. Delivery of race numbers

The delivery of the bibs and the race pack will take place on Saturday 23 October from 14.00 to 17.30 at the sports hall in Bellagio. Sunday morning from 7.00 to 8.30.

Art. 10. Use of mask

All athletes must wear a mask during the starting phase. After the first 500 meters it is possible to take it off without throwing it as it will have to be worn just after the finish, just enough time to regain energy.

Art. 11. Stamping and checks on departure

The bib with chip is provided and the competitors will be automatically punched at the start.

Art. 12. Control points

There are checkpoints along the way. However, the organization reserves the right to carry out checks at any point along the route, without prior notice. A final checkpoint is foreseen at the finish which will allow the timekeepers to establish the final rankings.

Art. 13. Safety and assistance

Safety and Medical Assistance will be ensured by staff of the organization and by a medical doctor in the departure area. Each athlete is obliged, under penalty of disqualification, to assist other athletes in any difficulty and to report situations requiring rescue or help to the organization staff. One or more volunteers of the organization will ensure the closing of the race and will follow the last competitor. The so-called broom service.

Art. 14. Refreshment points

Along the way there are eight refreshment points plus the final refreshment. Due to the health situation related to Covid-19 it will not be possible to use the “self-service” mode and supplies will be limited to water, the coca cola. there will be no glasses that can be used at the refreshment points and everyone must be equipped with their own water bottle or glass.

Art. 15. Maximum time

Three time gates will be established:

  • Rifugio Martina 2h 10 ‘from the start
  • Ponciv 3h40 ‘
  • Paumm 4h40 ‘

Athletes who pass beyond this limit, to safeguard their safety, will be stopped and excluded from the race. The employees of the Organization will be adamant in blocking the athletes who arrive at the time gate after the maximum time limit, effectively excluding them from the competition.

Art. 16. Withdrawal

In case of withdrawal, the competitor must, mandatorily and promptly, inform the organization’s staff:

  • the person in charge of the nearest checkpoint
  • the volunteers of the “broom” service closing the race
  • the staff of the organization in the finish area

Art. 17. Penalties and Disqualifications

The staff of the organization along the route is authorized to check compliance with the entire regulation and, above all, respect for the environment.
The jury of the competition can decree the disqualification of a competitor in case of non-compliance with the regulations and in particular of:

  • Bib exchange
  • Failure to pass a checkpoint
  • Cutting the path
  • Failure to assist another competitor in case of difficulty
  • Abandonment of own material along the way
  • Pollution or degradation of the place with abandonment of waste along the way
  • Disrespectful behavior towards members of the organization or volunteers

A minimum penalty of one hour is applied for all other deficiencies in the regulation.

Art. 18. Jury for complaints

The complaints presented by the athletes will be judged by a Jury composed of:

  • Head of the timing service
  • Nsc Bellagioskyteam board members

Decisions will be made compatibly with the obligations of the race, on all the reasons for contention or events occurring during the race. The resolutions adopted are final.

Art. 19. Rankings and awards

All athletes will be given a race pack. There will be prizes in kind for the first three athletes of the overall male ranking and the first three athletes of the female ranking.

Art.20 City streets

All roads in the city area will NOT be closed to traffic. Road traffic is open. Absolute respect and observance of the Highway Code is in force. Traffic officers will be in charge of road crossings which will be 5 during the descent phase. In the absence of this employee, the competitor is obliged to respect precedence and not to hinder city traffic.

Art. 21. Gardens of Villa Melzi

In the last part of the route, the athletes will enter the gardens of Villa Melzi, which will be the catwalk towards the finish line in the last 700m. Admission is provided only for athletes with bib clearly visible on the chest. For those wishing to enter and visit the gardens, they can do so by paying the respective ticket which is € 6.00 for the day of the race.

Art. 22. Race cancellation

In the event of cancellation of the race due to force majeure beyond the control of the organization (pandemic, risky climatic conditions, law enforcement orders) the organization will reimburse the cost of the registration fee (with the exception of any bank commissions) in the following measurement:

  • 70% if cancellation occurs in the last 30 days before the event
  • 100% if cancellation occurs previously

The athlete, as an alternative to the previous points, may decide to keep the registration valid for the 2022 edition by renouncing the refund

Art. 23. Image rights

Each competitor expressly renounces, during the rehearsal, to make use of the rights to their image, as well as renounces any appeal against the organizer.

Art. 24. Personal data processing

Furthermore, by registering for the race, each athlete explicitly authorizes the organization to process their personal data, pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003 “Personal data protection code”. Furthermore, in light of the new EU regulation 2016/679 on the protection of personal data (GDPR), the data will be stored and processed in the manner provided.

Art.25. Assistance on the route

The organization will offer race assistance with the support of the Alpine Rescue in the most demanding stretches of the route as well as emergency assistance from 118 if necessary. For anything not specified in this regulation, please refer to the rules of the FISKY-ISF 2021 regulation

Art. 26. Timekeeping

Chip timing is provided, managed by OTC.

Art. 27. Italian Skyrunning Cup

The Bellagio Skyrace 2021 is the final test of the National Skyrunning Italian Cup circuit.

Art. 28. The Start in line

The departure will take place online at 9.00 from the Europa lakefront. The grid line-up is free. A preferential lane will be maintained in order to reserve the front rows for skyrunners considered top runners or with the competitive requirements that allow them to be placed in the front row.

Art. 29. Privacy law

The processing of personal data will take place solely for purposes functional to the activity of ASD BELLAGIOSKYTEAM, pursuant to article 13 of law 675 of 31/12/1996 and subsequent amendments, regarding the sending of information relating to the sport of interest, use of photos, filmed images, resulting from participation in the event.