This protocol reports all the actions that will be implemented during the organization of the Bellagio SkyRace event for the containment of the spread of Covid-19 integrating with what is reported in the race regulations and is updated with the latest Fisky provisions of 04 August 2021. Any violation of this Protocol will lead to immediate disqualification of the athlete.

Update 04-08-2021 Covid-19 F.I.Sky Protocol


All staff involved in the organization of the Bellagio SkyRace (organizers, volunteers, judges, medical staff, speakers, Fisky delegate, etc.) will be equipped with an identification bracelet and must wear a mask indoors. All personnel will comply with the provisions of article 1 of the F.I.Sky Protocol.
The organization will appoint a Covid-19 manager (Covid Manager) dedicated exclusively to the management of controls and the prevention plan.

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In the area dedicated to the delivery of race packs / bibs, there is a separation between entrances and exits.
In case of waiting queues before entering the area dedicated to the delivery of race packs / bibs, all athletes must guarantee the spacing of at least one meter.
At the entrance to the dedicated area, the external front temperature will be measured.
To collect the race / bib pack, each competitor must present himself personally, sanitizing his hands before entering, wearing a mask and showing the paper Green Pass card or via QRCode on the App. In case of impossibility to show the Green Pass, it must be exhibited a negative result with a molecular swab (performed in the 72 hours prior to the date of the race) or an antigenic swab (performed in the 48 hours prior to the date of the race).
At the same time as the race packs are delivered, each athlete will be given a personal identification bracelet which must be worn for the entire duration of the event and which will allow entry to the Start / Finish area

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Athletes admitted to the race will be sent by e-mail (and in any case also made available on the website all the information regarding the route, the equipped and manned sections, the refreshment points, the exit routes and the rescue procedures.
The Briefing will be carried out in presence at the starting line (a few minutes before the start). During the alignment phase at the start, the athletes will have to wear a mask and keep it for the first 400 meters of the race until the group begins to crumble

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Competitors will be able to leave bags and backpacks at the gym in a special delimited area accessible in a large ventilated area. It will not be possible to personally deliver bags and personal effects to the organizers to be taken back at the end of the race.
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The “race field” including the race course, the start area, the finish area and the areas dedicated to controls and supplies along the race course.
Only competitors, accredited technicians, judges and other competition officials, rescue and technical support personnel at the control points, supplies, broom, photographers and journalists accredited by the organization.
All those present on the “competition field” must always wear a mask and observe the spacing.

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The starting area will be suitably delimited in order to allow access only to competitors.
Access to the starting area will take place in a single point where the check will be made and the external front temperature will be checked.
All those admitted to the starting area must wear a protective mask.

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Competitors who do not wear the race bib and the identification bracelet and therefore have not personally presented the Green Pass card or personally delivered to the secretariat, the Anamnestic Card for SARS-CoV2 infection (COVID -19).
To access the starting area, each competitor must wear the race bib, the bracelet and the mask.
Upon entering the starting area, the frontal external body temperature must be measured, which must not exceed 37.5 ° C.
If this value is exceeded, after a second measurement at a distance of 5 (five) minutes, the competitor will not be admitted to the competition field and must be addressed to the competent health authority.
Competitors must wear a mask up to the entrance of the path (about 500 meters) where an information sign will be placed.
The mask will therefore be kept by the competitor for the entire race and cannot be thrown on the ground or delivered to third parties. The mask will be worn again upon arrival, once the time normally necessary for recovering physical energy has elapsed, and in any case before exiting the finish area.
The abandonment of the mask involves the immediate disqualification of the competitor, except for more serious penalties provided for by the relevant hygiene and health regulations.
The competitor who leaves the starting area after having entered it, must obligatorily re-submit himself to the temperature control upon returning to the starting area.
The start may take place in several phases to ensure the distance between the competitors.

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During the race the competitors must be able to maintain an indicative distance of at least two meters between them.
Overtaking must take place as quickly as possible. It is strictly forbidden to travel side by side during the race.
It is forbidden to abandon any type of material along the route (mask, waste, clothing, etc …) under penalty of immediate disqualification.

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Along the way, some delimited refreshment points will be set up which can only be accessed by athletes with the bib regularly worn.
The supplies will be organized so that the competitors can serve themselves, using their own containers (flasks or water bottles) for drinks and food in single portions.
Disposable containers and waste material must be placed in the appropriate containers by the competitors.
In the refreshment areas it is forbidden to leave disposable containers and waste material outside the special containers, under penalty of disqualification.
At each refreshment point there will be a race judge who can stop and immediately disqualify the athlete.

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The arrival area will be suitably delimited in order to prevent access to the public.
Access to the finish area will be allowed only to competitors, judges and other race officials, rescue and technical support personnel, accredited journalists and photographers.
All those admitted to the finish area must wear a protective mask.
Competitors must wear their goggles once they have crossed the finish line and must leave the finish area as soon as possible.
All competitors who have crossed the finish line will be given a bag containing the necessary refreshment, to be consumed outside the finish area.

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To avoid gatherings, the race rankings will not be displayed and cannot be disseminated in paper form, but will be published on the event website and on the website of the company that will perform the timekeeping (OTC / Endu).
In the white area, the awards will take place according to the provisions of the program in the awards area.
In the yellow, orange or red area, the awards will take place in the area adjacent to the finish, specially prepared and appropriately delimited, in compliance with the interpersonal distancing, immediately after the arrival of the 3rd competitor.
During the award ceremonies everyone (competitors and ceremonial staff) must wear a mask.

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